Doing the final touches for the first rewards!
I'm finishing up the first Patreon video early because I am going to Las Vegas next week for the Magic Grand Prix. It's apparently going to be the biggest one in Magic history. I'm excited to meet all the players and the other artists. There will be twenty six of us I think! Jaysus! Anyway, get pumped people! This will be our first step into transforming you into Izzy's Grizzlies! This video will cover the how and why of atmosphere, and give you a primer on it's uses in illustration. I'm doing a direct continuation built on the first video on the 3 Rules of Light . So if you haven't seen that yet, definitely watch! (You can find the link in the previous post) I whole-heartedly encourage questions and discussion on our video topics. This is my first time doing something like this Patreon thing, so please feel free to let me know in messages what you think of this month's content. The video will be thirty or forty minutes long, and the illustration process and PSD for your perusal will be the one in the thumbnail in this post. It's called Swift Warkite, and is a painting I did for Magic the Gathering. I will try to pick illustrations, or make new ones, that fit the theme and concept of the video lesson each month so you can see how I tackle in my own work what I'm trying to teach. Sketches will be random and filled with fart jokes, I'm sure. ;p