Doing Good Effectively Through Giving Games
I've succeeded in getting the Giving Game walkthrough posted on the International Humanist Ethical Union (IHEU) website, and they just sent it out in their newsletter. This opens it up for IHEU affiliate groups throughout the world. They have over 100 affiliate groups. Each of these is an umbrella organization. For example, the British Humanist Association is one of these umbrella organizations, and has in turn over 30 local groups in the UK. With this Giving Game being endorsed by IHEU, each local group that's a member of the BHA can host a Giving Game. This applies to the whole list of affiliate groups of the IHEU - so literally thousands of humanist groups all over the world. 

Giving Games are workshop-style events aimed to advance doing good effectively by applying a scientific and reason-oriented approach to charitable giving. Participants learn about a couple of pre-selected charities, think about and discuss their personal values and reasons for giving, consider what methods and metrics they should use to select a charity, and then vote on what charity will get a real donation. The donation is sponsored by an outside party, typically The Life You Can Save, which donates $10 per participant to the charity that wins the vote. 

This collaboration with IHEU is one aspect of a broader collaborative effort between Intentional Insights and The Life You Can Save to spread effective giving strategies to the skeptic and secular communities. Americans donate over $350 billion a year to charity, but shockingly little thought goes into how and where this money is given: 2/3 of gifts are made without any research at all, and only 3% compare the effectiveness of charities before they give. We aim to help people learn more rational decision-making strategies to help them achieve their giving goals while improving the world in the most impactful way.