The Domain (Domain Compilation Part 1)
There is a domain in which Humans play

so to say,

A trending of ways all the days...

Forgive the Poet for not expressing anything in meter

as something named someone.

Did those five forgotten heroes and pages

awhile somewhere back in chronology

compound or cloud?

It is lost and fugitive,

Corrosive and loose-wild,

Or otherwise pronounced for the sake of holding stories together.

The angels and Mongols (so to say the greats)

let up so now the picture broadens exposing what is here to stay

-that there is slant and nothingness.

The settling wasn't,

Continued went impulse;

The yada that surrounds little to begin with

and lost as to ends.

Shook loose under spell without the doubts of disease,

The words and therefore ideas as nonesuch personified.

Compiled in matrices half of zero

(and all)


...but defining primarily itself...

No longer necessitating life or mistake

as if

-as if-

there could never have been our correct guess.