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Domestic Goddess
Hearth-keeper, home-keeper,

first, last, and greatest,

honored before and after all—

or once You were.

We have forgotten.

Someone needs to wash the dishes;

someone needs to launder clothes;

someone needs to sweep the floors;

someone needs to knead the bread.

These tasks are sacred to You.

We have forgotten.

When a woman does a man's work,

she aspires to his place: glass ceiling breaker.

When a man does a woman's work,

he demeans himself: a gender traitor.

If we ever knew why this

is not how it should be,

we have forgotten.

Women's work is Your work,

You who keep the household turning,

hearth fire burning,

food prepared and kitchen clean—

it's only women's work and women's work alone

in a world where men make money

and women make children.

Your high honor is

not to marry,

not to birth,

but to tend the home fire

in every house on earth.

We have forgotten.

While every hearth was Your altar,

where every home was Your shrine,

when every household honored You,

we remembered Your importance.

We have forgotten.

Please, Greatest,

help us remember.

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