Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Jasmine Guy
I have said before that being an ally means amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized. I really don't feel confident writing on this issue.

I figured I would open this up with a sentiment we can all agree on.

Most of you know who Jasmine Guy is. She was Whitley on "A Different World" and was in the classic "Harlem Nights." She also was in that anti-choice film. Based on some interesting things that she said, I question how much she understood about that movie. (However, I have no facts to even question anyone's motives other than the people who make Christian propaganda have a history of lying and making things up. And I can't remember where I read stories about this, but I digress....)

Seeing as how I don't have much to add to this, I would like to give a shout out to two websites who have great articles around the issue of domestic violence. The first one I have done some freelance work for, so full disclosure there, but R.H. Reality Check is a great resource. Especially when you want to dive into an issue. The second one is Everyday Feminism. They are a great page explaining the basics for people. I have no professional connection with them, however, I read their articles fairly regularly.

Finally I want to end with a link to some great organizations if you want to donate (Or just have a list) from a campaign I did some art for:

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