Dominic's refurbished house collapses, leaving him homeless. SADNESS.
With the arrival of bedding, sand and cement, and the coming of love in  the deserted home of Dominic, the whole Sikinga village was awed, and  everyone passed by to see the new 'miracle' in the village. In his own  words, Dominic had had a rough time in his adult life where he lost  everything including his family before jiggers set in, perhaps as a  final blow that could take him down the grave. But with the coming of  RUS and the outpouring of love from Leanne, Daniel and all of our  esteemed supporters also came hope and a type of resurrection to his  dreams and ambitions. In the last video where rags were burned, Dominic  spoke in English, with wet eyes. He had found hope and now wanted to  live and till his piece of land to feel the hungry in Sikinga village.  Little did he know that only a few days later all those dreams would be  shattered by something no one has been able to explain.  It had previously rained, and the walls were not being rained on, after  all. There was no earthquake, and nothing to shake the house, but the  walls just came down, after cracks had been sealed on walls and now he  had this flat and smooth, beautiful wall, both on the inside and  outside.  The floors were to be cemented to seal the whole process. All  that was brought to an abrupt dead end. As always we went there and made a decision to build another house for  Dominic, and work started in earnest. In a week's time, if we have the  money we need, he will be having a brand new house. You can send in a  donation of any amount through PayPal is instant and most secure. Thanks for your prayers and support for this man. If you have questions, comments or anything you want to pass across you can email me [email protected]