Dominion in Athens SOLD OUT! Oh yeah?!
We wanted to share some pictures with you, as a taster of our incredible journey in bringing our latest production to life. What a fun and fantastic time it's been, wow!

In March 2018, we scrambled around the back of our sofas, took our begging bowls to family and friends and just about scraped enough pennies together to take our latest show to Theatre 101 in Athens!

Our sleepless nights and crazy days paid off when not ONE, but TWO sell out nights! 

We couldn't be happier, the cast and crew were great (giving ourselves a pat on the back as I write!) and the audiences were amazingly receptive - we've had some very positive feedback. Thank you to everyone for your recent and ongoing support.

Written by Gregory Forrest and produced by TYQ, Dominion is a raw, parodic look into a couples lives as they challenge boundaries, authority, dignity, control and deviance within the relationship.

This is our second successful run of Dominion since our premier in Portsmouth last year. We're always looking out for new venues. Where can we take the show to next... any ideas..?