Don't call it a comeback...
We are coming back!

We have launched a Kickstarter to fund a season of Gamerstable and have blown past the initial funding goal and first stretch goals.

The more funding we get the more episodes per season we will do.

Here is the link to the campaign. 

As Patrons you are already members of the Gamerstable RPG Society (the $15 backer level) so you will already get access to the new episodes, and all other member perks.

The Kickstarter and this Patreon will go hand-in-hand moving forward. As some have noticed the patron levels have been condensed into one level, Society Member. Take note of the funding goal. Once we reach this monthly goal it will insure episodes beyond the Kickstarter funded season.

We appreciate all your support and are super excited to be behind the mics again.

Thank you.