Don't Forget the 10-Foot Pole
A couple of year ago, Evil Hat put out a call for hacks of their weird-horror game Don't Rest Your Head. At the time, I was a really new designer, and I decided to pitch an idea. I'd really only played fantasy roleplaying games, so that's what I pitched. It got accepted, and I began to work with Ryan Macklin, the editor on the project. Fast-forward a few years, and the project has been canceled. Lots of factors fed into that decision. I respect the hell out of Fred Hicks for many reasons, but especially for how he handled this situation. Each writer was paid part of the writing fee a year or so ago, and that functioned as a kill fee if the project got canceled. Very good of him. As well, after announcing the cancellation, he also gave each of us permission and the license to publish our hacks how we chose to. So here's mine. Looking back over it, I'm proud of what it turned into. I very much have to credit Ryan Macklin for his help editing this hack. Without him, it would have been a garbage pile. As it stands now, after his editorial help, it's Don't Rest Your Head meets Dungeon World, and I'm proud of it. This is the first creation for April. I've got to tell you, changing over to a per-creation model was one of the best things I've done with this Patreon. Thank you all for your support. I expect two put out two more Iron Edda short stories, the podcast-thing, and maybe something else special related to an Iron Edda story I released last month. Anyway, enjoy, and don't forget the 10-foot pole.