Don't Just Begin A Painting... Planet.
That's about as funny as I get (which is that I am not).

I seem to have phased out once more of my 'super painting streak' I was on - painting every single day to a point of exhaustion.. for whatever reason, most attempts at pictures just quite haven't worked out. 

I tried another squirrel painting in a more 'jazzy' style.. more-so like the owl I recently painted, but then ended up ruining the face and the outcome was 'not so pretty'.

So after watching 'Aliens' with Callie, my cat last night, I realised how much I'm still crazy about space and space paintings and planets and all sorts. THEREFORE, I shall attempt for the 100th time to successfully paint a planet. 

I'm going to go for a risky attempt to paint in what I would call 'my own style' too.. not going for the classic 'photo realistic' look my perfectionist brain would prefer. 

Jupiter, you're a beautiful thing. 

I shall take my time to get this right and not screw up. 

Watch this space.

- Chris.