Don't Leave Me, Raggedy Man!
In this episode, we're very excited about Alex Kingston (River Song) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) joining Peter Capaldi (Twelfth Doctor) at Ottawa ComicCon, and now ComicCon is but a few days away! I have to get my costume together! I mean I have it, I just need to get it out and try it on and make sure it still fits and all that. This and the next podcast episodes were the last recorded in my old apartment! I'm so excited to record in this apartment! On my sofa! Have I mentioned enough how excited I am to be getting (now have) a sofa? That is not my bed folded into a sofa?

So, this is the wrap up of season 7 and Eleven's story arc that began with his first episode and the phrase "Silence will fall". Way to play the long game, Moffat. Next episode is a fun little treat of some Classic Who before we begin a new season with a new Doctor!

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