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Don't Prep Plots - "You Will Rue This Day, Heroes!" (The Principles of RPG Villainy)
As I mentioned last week, when I launched this Patreon campaign I was overjoyed when it took less than three hours for us to hit our first milestone goal of $10 per blog post. So I immediately sat down and started working on an article discussing what I refer to as the Principles of RPG Villainy. This article. By the time I finished writing the article, we were only $0.50 away from our second milestone goal. Now our third milestone goal is already in sight! If you're a $1+ patron then you saw this as an early release last week. But this is the "official" release as the post goes live at the Alexandrian. It's also the launch of paid content for the Patreon. Thank you all so much for (literally) making this possible!