Here's a drawing that took me two entire months to complete. I started this piece on a hardcore candy flip// psychedelic experience and ended it all hyped up on a caffeine flow. It says "you're on: think straight DON'T STOP"
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Mini Mart Small Freeze
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Starting small? I LOVE YOU ALL!!! In return I'll draw a small sketch once per week and share these sketches with you, my dear patrons!
Mini Mart Big Freeze (extra refills)
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Buying my love has never been easier. For $3, once a week I will sketch iterations and digitally polish a STICKER DESIGN. I will collect these designs for a future release date as a final product. 
Success Launch Crew
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You are my best friend. First you had my love but you gave me more than I could ever ask for. So now I've gotta deliver. I'll dare risk A WILD MEDIUM of my choice and post a picture of the results. Once a week.
Lucky Pink Underwear
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Lucky sevens! Your unique contribution to my Sanity Fund will get me to complete 1-2 sewing projects every week with pictures to prove it. I work very hard for lucky numbers.
Curio Cabinet
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You've invested well, so in return I will reward you greatly. Once a month I will complete an obsessively detailed 11.5"x16.5" Prismacolor drawing in my large Moleskine. This size usually takes me 3 weeks to a month to finish.  
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