Doodle: Bloodelf wedding
Finally saw the Warcraft movie. Falls into the category: you can watch it, it’s fun, but you really don’t have to. It reminded me of how much I liked Warcraft 3, though. And I was very fond of my WoW Bloodelf mage although mages are pretty boring to play unless you get to sheep something. I eventually rolled with a holy paladin lady, who was much more fun to play.

Volurin Firewind was initially intended to be a spellbreaker, who unfortunately don’t exist in WoW. So I made him, ironically, a mage. More specifically a firemage, and he wouldn’t have changed that unless it would have meant his death. He is cocky, a notorious pyromaniac, the most impatient man you’ve ever talked to, he was thrown out of Dalaran as a young adult (so it’s a good thing I stopped playing before the second expansion), probably thinks the Seers and Aldor are both damn stupid and he would have joined Illidan without a blink if that had been an option, and he actually hates sheeping. He eventually got married to a young warlock lady who likes burning things as much as he does, and officially retired when I retired from WoW. RP was a lot of fun with him because a tendency to burn things for no reason and a notable lack of patience are pretty distinctive traits.

(it also reflects how I played Frozen Throne. “There’s a mushroom! I wanna burn the mushrooms! Let me burn the mushrooms!”)

He used to run around in the spellfire robe, but I felt like drawing Volu’s and Myco’s wedding kiss.

Pencil doodle with even doodlier quick Photoshop colours thrown at it.

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