Doodles - part one
Thanks everyone for your awesome requests! So many elves & demon hunters, I bet I can draw one upside down with my left hand behind my back now! I really loved drawing the other races too (especially the Tuskar!!).

Unfortunately I haven't been able to doodle everyone who submitted a request but I plan on doing another livestream next week to finish the rest, including those who forgot to submit their request (please comment below with a link to your armory, image or a screenshot, if that's you ;-)).

Attached to this post you'll find a hi-res transparent PNG, in case you wanna cut out your character and use it a your avatar :)

I realize the level of detail varies a bit from sketch to sketch, I was spending more and more time on each one as I progressed (unintentionally). 

Either way, I learned a lot and also had a lot of fun! I will be doing these streams more often (aiming for once every 3 months) , but I'll have to limit it to the $5 tier to keep that tier meaningful (as doodles are already a perk) but also to keep it manageble for myself. 

I hope you enjoyed the streams and/or the results! I certainly did!! Now time for dinner and Legion :D 

Every day, but today especially, I realized how lucky I am to call this my job, and to be surrounded by people who are always kind, enthousiastic and encouraging. It really cracks me up and it's a huge boosts to my confidence. Thank you for being such an awesome bunch, y'all rock! <3