Doodley Idea: Fundraiser Shirt Design
So I've pretty much discovered the only way I can progress with any degree of awesome on my art, is to upgrade my tablet. The one I want, however, is valued at 3 grand Australian which is waaaay out of my price range. I've been encoirage to try a few things by my Nesties; either a shirt fundraiser or a kickstarter of some sort. I feel like I'm not 100% certain I could make a kickstarter work, especially on my end. But maybe a t-shirt design in a limited run could be do-able. So seeing as my Derpicorns are / have been popular I've been thinking about doing another design, and this is what I can e up with today while the rain was boosting my creativity. She'll be a lot more detailed somehow, this is literally the base design so don't judge her too harshly yet. I'm also uncertain about using the phrase "keep chasing you butterflies of happiness". I don't know how I feel about it but it's what aet of the doodle so it seems more than appropriate. Plus I want to offer a happy and positive message with this as well, so buyers can wear it when they're not fweling so great. Perhaps I can add to it somehow? "No matter how hard/impossible they are to catch" or something? Dont want to make it too long. Also debating havong her run over the top of the "PhoenixFire Art" text as a bit of a base/advertisement, though I don't know how many Nesties would be that willing to let me scoop free advertising? Let me know in the comments. Also, the fundraiser I'm looking at using is BonFire. They are cheap, but one of the few that allow me to keep control of my work. They have a set shipping fee of $5 for IS residents and $11 anywhere else in the world.... with seeingly no restrictions. Though I have no personal knowledge of using this website so thoughts on that are also welcome, along with what orice you would be willing to pay for a limited run shirt. I've never been good at pricing my own artwork. :/ So yeah, feedback is something I'm kinda begging for here as I really want to make this auccessful and helo me reach a reasonable funding goal. It will require all the sharing-fu you have when it finally happens but right now it's all just ideas, so let me know what you think. Cheers.