Doorway End of September Update
This is going to be a big one folks, so listen up, and perhaps put on some music.

The First Season of The Escape Pod is over. We may have one more ShuttleCast coming out sometime, but other then that, it is over for a few months. The plan is to come back with a Rogue One review at the end of December, probably the 24th, our one-year anniversary. Now the reason for this, which was discussed in the ShuttleCast, is that we are going through a lot of stuff personally. Nathan, Sal, and Haley moved and had major shifts in life (to keep it vague). The stress of that, and everything else that comes with the show has led us to end it for a little while. A hiatus. Though we will still be working in the interim.

We are also rebranding The Escape Pod. To address the image above, we are working on reworking The Escape Pod from the ground up. When we started, it was kind of a improvisational thing, deciding that we were just gonna do it. Now we are taking the time to take a step back and redo a lot of things. I am working closely with Haley to reinvent our image and style. Hence the image above. We sat around in a call as Haley worked on this and we decided what should be done. Aside from our brand and look, we are looking at our shows and how we run them. Right now, we are figuring out which shows we want to focus on, how we want to do them, and how to do new shows we have ideas for.

New Nyro Music. Recently I was hired to do a song for a web series, and that has been really damn fun as well as difficult. Aside from that, I am working on the new album still. It is going to be a concept album with a constant story tying everything together. The plan is for it to be at least 60 minutes in length and over 10 tracks, and I am aiming at 15. It will likely come out in 2017, but surely I will release a single or two.

New Patreon Rewards. Not only is The Escape Pod rebranding but so is Doorway Studios as a whole. Josiah and I are working on new Patreon rewards, looking at many other great artists who have made it on here, and taking notes from them. The rewards will improve and be more worth while.

More People. We want to bring on more people, but it is very unlikely. Still, we want this to grow and improve.

Working on Films. A big plan is to get back to working on films, primarily short films. There is one short that needs to be edited. I personally have an idea for another. Then Josiah and I are writing a script for a Western film that will be around 30 to 40 minutes in length.

Yeah! Lots of stuff. We mainly need to rest and get our brains back together. We love you all. It's a hard journey, but we knew that going in.

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