Dorya Glenn: the alien who fixes her eyes on the future

Dorya Glenn Alien Inquisition (DGA Inquisition) on Patreon. Her new page is an extension of our book expected in September 2017.  

DGA Inquisition is a new, unpublished series of multimedia essays focusing on Eroticism in Art, Religion and Politics through history as well as its role and function in our contemporary life.  Also on Patreon Dorya will keep her well-known cross-cultural and multidisciplinary angle, and together with her loved patrons, we will share original discoveries and inspiring discussions and shed new light on those subject fields through her unique view to push for more openness, justice and equality

Dorya Glenn is an art activist who believes in a better world, which she envisions with her patrons. For 1 USD per month you can not only follow, but also participate in all her future creations.

We look forward to seeing you again & joining Dorya in her art activism