(Dota 2 SDK Release)
Some wip mockups for our latest Dota 2 level,

You need a working version of the Dota 2 Alpha Authoring tools installed (in addition to Dota 2) to test these items,

The vmap includes:

- A few houses

- A few different lights

- Wall trims

- Pillars

- Fences

- A low bridge

- A fountain

- A tower plateau

Note #1: You can make changes to each instance, if you plan to release a Dota2 mod including these assets, drop me a msg and we work something out! Make something cool! :D

Note #2: Mockups have not been optimized (back face removal etc) and some (minor) change in size might happen once replaced with final versions

Note #3: All mockups are done with the dev-texture

 Looking forward to see what you can create!

How to use:

1. Place the vmap file in your project folder

2. Open in the Hammer editor