DOTU Pages 1-7 in Full Color
I won't be announcing it publicly until around noon tomorrow, but dudes! I've finished my first full color version of a DOTU scene. Woohoo! This is pages 1-7 of chapter 1, part 1. DOTU has always been intended as a b/w-spot color comic, but considering what a tough sell b/w comics are these days, I really appreciate being able to include some full color here and there. With this being the first scene to convert, it was an especially hard struggle to figure out how I wanted things to look. Without your support, I would not have been able to set aside the time to do this. I plan to color the covers of chapters 1 and 2, but beyond that, I haven't decided which additional scenes I'll do. I'm leaning toward whatever the intro of each chapter part is, at least for the first two chapters. But I welcome suggestions! And yes, the original B/W pages are still available elsewhere on the site, as well as on the Smackjeeves mirror. The Tapastic mirror will show the full color pages. I expect to be able to start coloring a new scene in June, since it's likely that May will be spent on double updates. :D You can see the seven full color pages on the main site, starting here: