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The Double Feature: Ads and Drones
What a fun night! To start off the show, we had James Avery, CEO of Adzerk on via Skype Video to talk about the current state of online advertising, where it's failing, and how it can (and likely will) improve.

Then, for our drone (ie. quadcopter / multirotor) enthusiast viewers, Jason Mainella from Teeny Drones travelled all the way from Montreal, Quebec to Studio D in Barrie, Ontario to show off his company's latest products--both current and up and coming!

Don't miss a fun (and busy) show!

A note to our supporters: It was pointed out and quite noticeable near the end of the show that we started to have some audio "crackling" anomalies. I suspect this is caused from us pushing our CPU too far. The overhead camera was a USB camera tonight, and as we know, USB cameras can take a fair chunk of CPU resources. So our best option is to put in another HDMI capture card (roughly $1,000 expense) and buy a cheap HDMI camcorder for the overhead setup. Really, the setup has only been an experiment at this point (push the envelope!) since we haven't yet raised enough funds to do it right--but it's been fun to have and I think we've shown the value in it. However, if it's causing audio issues (due to CPU running too high) we'll have to turn it off for now until we can buy the "proper" rig. Please encourage other viewers to support the show, and also consider increasing your "per show" giving, if you are able to do so.

Thanks for your continued support!