Dove Keeper Mini-Comic "I Had a Dove" Available to All Patrons!
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Warnings: Child death and nonsexual nudity (breastfeeding).

Explanation:  My completed horror novel about my French executioner relatives, Dove Keeper, is currently in its query stage. Though writing is my strong suit, I've been creating visual art more often, and I've decided, at others' requests, to do more story-related art. I've started off with a small work called, "I Had a Dove." It is based off personal trauma Rosalie, a main Dove Keeper POV, and her husband (Anatole, the executioner) face.

The grief they suffered was a real occurrence and, though this takes place before Dove Keeper, the trauma is a pivotal reason for contention within the novel. It is actually the events detailed in this comic, the death of a newborn son named Roger because of a wrongly prescribed dosage, that began my exploration into more of the Deibler family history. Because most accounts I read focused on Anatole and how the death of his son affected his life and relationships, I wanted to focus on viewpoints marginalized in history, particularly the struggles of his wife and daughter in dealing with their status as outcasts because of Anatole's profession.

"I Had a Dove" will be freely available to everyone on May 29th. 

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