Down to the Wire!
Hey folks, scroll down and make your vote for this month's story. Voting closes tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the poll, and then... any of those three 'advisory council' level patrons can call the shots, picking their fave by replying below with their veto pick. 

REMINDER: Only once a year,  patrons at 'Advisory Council' level get a free 'steal' to pick their favorite story on the poll.  I currently have three backers at that level.

What's gonna happen! What am I going to write, on the first of March? I'm intentionally not writing anything but I'm already enjoying the hell out of this experiment.

And remember, 'Advisory Council' members, you only get ONE steal a year, rolling over in January, so... will you use it? Or let it ride for another poll? Just reply in the poll post if you want to call in your maker (and first come first serve, no stealsies! :)