Download: BHGH v1.25
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Since last update: (v1.10)

New characters - Miranda, EDI, pale Shep & OC, 15 hair colours for humans + 5 asari faces, full mess system, Traditional MnF style End Scene, sound effects, red bikini and lingerie, Spacecraft Garage (with Career Stats Screen) give money/skill cheats, Satisfaction and patience cheats, safe pose preference cheats, Finesse re-balance, save system (slight) rework & plenty of other bugfixes

## Hotfix1: (April 16th) Cleaned menu errors on newer items. added Edi and Miranda to the rainbow rosters, along with stripping staying activated while the cheat is on. fixed -some- shadow clone issues (they still wont count stats, sorry. and they'll still stick around for extra rounds, sometimes) also added error for old codes (so I can stop hearing about them in my mailbox. -_-) 

 ## Hotfix2: (May 12th)  Fixed upgrade shop wardrobe bugs, naked costume without nipples, costumes not showing in orbs, added a 'pip' to end-scene which points to an easily missed menu and finally, freebie code hints have been added to the end-screen.

Still to go: Nothing! (hopefully, this time) 

Up next: I'll be working  on updating my character template, in preparation for a comfy RPG I've been wanting to make for a long, long time. ~ more details on that real soon!

All this is thanks to the generous backers of BHGH:

  • CPU
  • SDR
  • Tood
  • Shane Slocum
  • Siegfried Pinzer
  • dukeofdan
  • PaRiq
  • Stronsher
  • Punk
  • 孟倫 蔡
  • Brandon Wordell
  • Orca
  • Ben
  • Phelen Ward
  • Nicolai Høyland
  • Aaron Sun
  • Ben Hitchcock
  • Xera Dam
  • t7p_wanderer
  • Jonathoen Willo
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  • Christopher
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  • Rudiger Burghout
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