Download DI’s an•ti•fa zine to Celebrate #AntifascistDaysOfUnity

Happy October! Happy Antifascist Days of Unity!

To celebrate #AntifascistDaysOfUnity, Dangerous Ideas Collective is making its an•ti•fa zine available for download. Download-Print-Share-#MakeAmericaAntifascist-Rinse-Repeat!

Antifascist Days of Unity are being organized through One People’s Project and the bringing together of a collaboration of antifascist activists and organizations from across the United States. 

In light of a presidential administration that is seeking to vilify antifascist activists and to make antifascist action illegal, we declare the month of October as National Antifascist Days of Unity!
As a united movement we must declare loudly that fascism has no place in our society. Hate crimes, mass shootings, and violence against marginalized groups are indicators of rising fascism. We are antifascist (simply meaning, we are opposed to fascism) and the world needs to understand our work. Politicians are using false narratives to play on ignorance about the work of antifascists and threatening to criminalize us. The only way to combat ignorance and hate is with education and love. Will you help us? We need a quick response and community organizing to mobilize the nation against rising white supremacist and other genocidal ideologies. We need help from anyone who can give time or money and there is a place for activists of any skill level.
Organized under the leadership of One People’s Project, National Antifascist Days of Unity brings together collectives, organizations, networks and individuals across the USA. We encourage communities to organize solidarity events and actions to celebrate and proclaim that they are antifascist.
We need antifascists of all types to take the lead in organizing their communities. Can you organize your city, town, block, community, neighborhood to host an action during National Day of Unity? Your action can be as simple as a speaker who talks about the rise of fascism in the USA and urges community members to stand up and speak out in the face of the injustices it brings with it. Your action can be as big or as small as you are comfortable creating; but, we need you and your community to join us in solidarity. Throughout the month of October, antifascist events can include movie nights, book discussions, protests, cookouts — anyway you can get friends, family members, neighbors together to talk about being antifascist! 
Be in the streets. Be in the park. Be on the sidewalks. Be in the cinemas. Be in the libraries. Be in all public spaces, and proudly proclaim that you are antifascist. 
Sign up your community today! We’ll help you get started organizing once we hear from you! 
We have three demands: 
1) No legislation targeting antifascist action or antifascist activists.
2) Increased attention to and action against white supremacist and white nationalist organizations and individuals as this ideology is resulting in mass murder across our country. 
3) The end of detention for migrants, especially children, along with the creation of a fair and just immigration system in the USA. 
Let’s Make America Antifascist! #AntifascistDaysOfUnity #MakeAmericaAntifascist #WeAreAntifascist