[Download] Growing Strawberries with Frenone" 😊 Milestone Reward!
I'm by no means an expert! I started growing some veggies, herbs and fruits last year and have yet to see how many crops survived the harsh winter. This is the second year I'm growing strawberries, so I thought it would be fun to share this little beginner guide :)

$15+ patrons will get a print of this guide plus a cute little package (without seeds, due to customs) with their monthly goodies. If you are considering to (up your) pledge for this reward, be sure to do this before March 31st, midnight PST. Also comes with a patch & sticker (and all the digital rewards).

The 4K wallpaper download of this guide is attached to this post (for personal use). You may thank my awesome patrons for enabling me to create this kind of content!

Digital rewards will be sent out on April 1st.
Physical goodies will be shipped around April 14.