DOWNLOAD: (S)hhh - Silence in Wonderland (det allra viktigaste) (2008)
Hey guys !

To welcome you to my brand new Patreon page, I thought I'd share something right off the bat.

Exceptionally, to celebrate the opening, the album can be DOWNLOADED for free (normally the $5 tier)! And, every patron (starting with $1) gets ALL THE SCORES to this album (normally the $10 tier)!

So here's an album I made in 2008 - my very first. It was never released on a label.

The band was:

- Lucien Fraipont (guitar) - Dimitri Evers (electric bass) - Christophe Claeys (drums) - Yours truly (keyboards and compositions)

Lucien went on to make his own band Robbing Millions. I encourage you to check it out, it's great! Dimitri you might know already as it was around that time that he joined Univers Zero, and it's thanks to him that I joined it too, many years later. Christophe is a wonderful drummer. Among many other things, you can here him with bands Balthazar and alongside dEUS's Tom Barman with Magnus.

As often, the cover picture was designed and drawn by my dear brother Alexandre Guenet.

I'll be glad to answer any questions you guys have regarding that album that I'm very happy to finally share with you. I hope you'll enjoy it!


PS : You'll find here 3 archives so you can choose your favorite: one contains the album in FLAC (lossless), another in 320kbps mp3 and the last in 192kbps mp3. The FLAC archive is split in two as it's larger than 200Mb and Patreon sets the limit per file to 200Mb... So the first three tracks are in FLAC1 and the next three, in FLAC2.

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