Download: Clixsposing Samus Bootleg (fix#2)
swf, exe and zipped app attached down below

(please update your program if you're having trouble opening the archive)
Inner circle peoples, get your cheats here.

 Slippy slimey tentacles galore - the new endscene is here! 

but thats not all. lazy-mode has been activated and now poses keep playing until you move - so no more holding down forever. rejoice!
the gallery has some new features too. theres now an 'all' button to quickly toggle armor. 'bad' poses will now auto-strip if you're wearing too much, and I've included the face-maker for anyone whos picky about expressions.

also fixes to: leveled the frame-rate to make the shooter section easier and animations less floaty, bonus scene's hitbox could be clicked before it was unlocked, the stripping on kit's hands glitching out, poses acting strange if you move onto another button mid-scene, unlocked endings not saving sometimes, aimer spawning underneath sam's bombs, tentacle clipping on single throat scene, mess layers flickering on first-cum, no more shootable spunk, rub now needs a stripped codpiece and the 'engage' button now hides itself if you havent stripped enough for any poses. 

>> Hotfix: May 3rd
major lag tweaks. should be -much- smoother for everyone now.
fixes to: bullet-spawning, activating the bonus scene, replaced some missing cum sounds, animated alt-scenes for mega w/helmet, gave more jiggle for mono-boob costumes in tentacle scenes & undid prior frame-rate change.
graphic patches: mega's climax removing body tentacles, up-hips not showing panties, blue & red costumes hair bun showing through helmet, some climaxes not remembering face cum, and sprites should now flicker much less during exit sequences.
 >> Hotfix: May 10th. (please re-download the files below to update)
added end-pose scene picker to gallery, gave reward points on climax & fixes to face mess disappearing after finishing oral, missing tentacles after mega's endscreen, hair flickering colours, boobs bouncing through armor and patched up a gap with kit's costume.

if you spot anything else, please let me know ~

Thanks again to the proud supporters of this project

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