Downloading and Installing VaM

Patreon has made some changes to how pages are seen differently between backers, non-backers, and myself as the creator which has made it difficult to find the information about downloading. As such, I'm making this a pinned post with the download and install information that I can later update as needed and point people to with a link.

Downloading VaM:

A new updater has been released and is the  recommended way to get 1.17, 1.18 and all future releases. Please download this zip and extract all contents  of the zip to your VaM install folder if updating or to a new folder if  making a new install. IMPORTANT: choose a folder that is not  admin-rights protected. For example, don't try to install to Program Files directory as that is admin-protected. VaM needs to be able to  write files to the directory you install it in. Then run VaM_Updater.exe to begin the install/update process.  You will need to tell windows to make an exception the 1st time you run it (Click More Info link, then Run anyway). Windows and other virus scanners may flag the updater exe with a false positive and you will need to indicate to Windows to run it anyway. Updater programs commonly have this issue due to their self-updating nature. This updater was developed in-house on a clean computer and is safe to use.

Updater Zip Download 

Note if you receive error message "could not create SSL/TLS secure channel", you are either using the older version of updater which no longer works and/or you are running Windows 7. Please re-download the updater using link above, and Windows 7 users should see this post:

Other issues with running updater? Please see:


Latest "Creator" key post:

Latest "Entertainer" key post:

Latest "Teaser" key post:

Older keys posts for older versions of VaM:[tag]=Keys

Match the key version to the version of VaM you are running. Be sure to enter key exactly as shown in the key post on the desktop window after launching VaM. Make sure the letter is capitalized. If you use copy and paste, it may not work as the copy might also copy additional invisible characters like the newlines or other spaces. It is recommended to manually type it in to the key entry box.

New Users Getting Started:

We recommend you check out the official wiki to help you with VaM's interface and features:

Several community members have made YouTube video tutorials covering a large range of topics, including videos specific to getting started with VaM:

From Captain Varghoss ( Patreon:

Older tutorials from JustLookingForNothin:

The official VaM Hub ( ) contains more guides and forums if you get stuck. The Hub also hosts a plethora of community content that can be most easily found and used by using the in-game Hub browser. If you have other issues or questions you can also contact us by direct message here on Patreon or on Discord.

Issues with VaM crashing after download and install using updater?

Please see this link for common issues and fixes:

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