The Downside of Being Eclectic
Of course, the obvious downside of being a generalist is that in his field a specialist will outdo you every time.  The other downside, though, is that I tend to leap from project to project.

It abruptly occurred to me late today (in the midst of disasters that hit yesterday and have not yet been resolved, but should be by tomorrow morning) that I had intended to provide coverage of who won the New Jersey State Assembly elections. Thus I somewhat hastily found out and posted it as blog entry #15: The 2015 Election Results. I know that's not much interest even to people who do live in New Jersey, but it matters to some.

Meanwhile, I've been ruminating all day about doing another page on understanding taxes, this one covering the notion of the "flat tax with no deductions", which has so many problems it's amazing people get away with pretending it's fair.  That will go in the Law and Politics section, though, I think, assuming I can put it together.

I have not yet decided about the novel.