I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately.

As some of you might now, I'm working on a book about tabletop gaming. It's for Haynes, the people who publish the car manuals. Turns out they publish hobby manuals too. No, I didn't realise it either.

It's an incredible opportunity, but it's also been an incredible amount of work. I have until the end of September to get it finished. I'm getting there, but I'm tired now. All the odds and ends left unfinished are nibbling at my heels, binding up my fingers. I want to get it done, and that's where all my energy is going right now.

When it's submitted, I'll have some space to think about something else, including relaunching this Patreon. What I'd really like to do is come up with a model that gives all of you something more interesting, more worthwhile than occasional updates. 

Meanwhile, it's on with the paper grind. Enjoy your summers.