[DPTG] Depression Produces The Goods
When I started DPTG, I was really not in a great place. It was a little more than a year ago. I found out  that my girlfriend was actually not a girl, my hands were actually hurting because my heart was, and my memory is actually as bad as it is because of a Very Foolish Decision i made almost a decade ago and then promptly blacked out. 

Near the start of the year, I wasn't really functional-- emotionally, socially, creatively. At any given time for days or hours I would just lose all will to exist or do anything, and I burned a lot of time back then.

I don't really remember what lead to it, but as I was laying in bed in a fugue at 9pm one night (for me, that's a normal person's three in the afternoon), I started thinking about my depression. I wondered, if it had a physical form, what would it look like?

And being myself, it took about .03 seconds for that to explode into an entire game concept.

For a while, that was the only thing I could get excited about. I made a deal with myself that if I ever had a mood that I just did not feel like functioning, I should default to working on that. And although I'm doing infinitely better than I was this time last year, it is a deal I still have to hold myself to today.

Although I still have those down swings, and maybe always will, they're a lot more manageable, and they happen less frequently. I think, despite barely being made, this project has already helped me learn to compartmentalize and combat various aspects of depression. 

My hope is that it can do the same for others. But the way I have set this up, I'm also legitimately afraid it might just drive someone to kill themselves. 

Better be safe, kids. Don't play this game.

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