DQ1&2: Translation Revision\Relocalization
Awhile back I decided to start playing the Dragon Quest series.. May sound a little crazy to some, but I've managed to spend the last 30 odd years without any DQ in my life, wild I know! In any case, I decided to start my exposure to the series with DQ: Builders - I figured that would be the easiest way to ease myself into the aesthetic and the charm of the series.. And well, it worked. Within a months time I wanted to pickup the series right from the start. I thought maybe I'd give Dragon Warrior 1 a try, but a friend of mine convinced me instead to pickup Dragon Quest I & II for the SFC instead.

I enjoyed my playthrough of it pretty well, using the RPGOne translation to aid me in my quest to undo the evils of the Dragonlord and foul Hargon! ..Sadly though I noticed a lot of textual errors as I played, not to mention a lot of oddities with how things were named! I was concerned at times, and frustrated at others as I ran into a number of serious bugs in DQ2 that were complete show-stoppers! Given that I have a history of not being able to leave well enough alone, and knowing that RPGOne has long since disbanded and its founder sadly no longer with us, I decided to take of the reigns a bit and do what I could to polish up this fine translation.

The Project Goal:
Originally my goal with this was simply to correct a few names and fix a couple of bugs. This didn't satisfy me though, as the longer I played the games the more I found they needed fixing. While RPGOne did an amazing job with the translation itself in general, their localization of certain things seemed to suffer a bit from either being too literal, or at times taking a bit too much from DW1's original localization.. which today is mired in inaccuracies when compared to more recent DQ releases over here in the west. This is to say nothing of the unfortunate bugs they missed as well, there are numerous text formatting oddities, overflows, and outright softlocks riddled throughout the games.

Thus before I knew it, I set out to re-localize many aspects of the game. My goal as a whole right now is to have everything align as closely as possible with modern Dragon Quest titles, and possibly even draw a bit from the iOS and Android remakes that were released since the conception of RPGOne's translation. The focus mainly being enemy names, spell names, item names, and whatever dialogue felt a bit awry.