The Draedean Species come from the Lucinox called Aesaria.  Theirs is a Tetranomic reality - a world where the underlying structure of what is real is the incarnation of Words and manifest through the domains of the four primal Elements:  Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Draedeans are the embodiment of their name, which represents their past (most notably family), beliefs (individuality), path (vocation or choices in life, or destiny) and fate (afterlife, or eternal self).

The species are very similar in physiology to Humans and Zaithen, enough that these species can interbreed.  Though medical science from neither Human nor Zaithen realities can fully integrate with a Draedean body at the cellular or sub-cellular level.

Draedean bodies have a strong skeletal structure, which grows plates and natural armor protruding from the skin in various places.  In most cultures, this exoskeletal feature is often filed smooth and then customized with different forms of decoration, most often plates of dense and powerful metal rivited onto the bone to enhance the defensive nature of the natural armor.

Draedeans are often stereotyped as slow or quiet.  While no Draedean is the manifestation of a monoculture, it is true that the very nature of their reality is dependant on the relationship between What Is and the Names of Things.  So all those raised in Aesaria or other tetranomic worlds refrain from being verbose.  Words are sacred, and the best way to show this respect is to choose your words carefully and say only what you need in order to speak wisely.

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