Draft 2: That sailor has some balls

So the next step is to add a few details to flush out the comic characters prior to inking (or coloring them in). Pencil can be erased, ink not so much. Here is a common problem I run into when making comics - balancing how much detail to put into it. After all it is a comic and if I have any hopes of making it as a cartoonist I can't be producing just one comic a year right? What I try to do is add enough detail to get the point across without taking forever to do so. Let the words and the situation speak for themselves, and hopefully make you laugh!

A second issue sometimes encountered is "what the heck does that look like?". Fortunately there is the Internet which allows me to quickly look at an object (in this case a Marine dress uniform hat) and figure out the basic shapes needed to draw it. Thank you Tim Berners-Lee for creating the World Wide Web in 1990!

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