Draft Sneak Peek
With programs those I have quality is low. This was only for first post :)

HQ videos of sneak peaks and back scenes will come soon. Thanks to Vuqar Alishov that He will make HQ videos of gathered scenes, soon. I will send HQ animation of intro3 to scene 4 once more with back scenes of works.

This video is sneak peak of my current animation project "Woodman and Wolf" which is expected to be done by Dec,17. Why it is draft, because I still sometimes come back and make some changes and try to develop shadow works and add new things when comes an idea that would be better in that way.


Intro 3 - Woodman and Wolf intro

Scene 1 - Owl of the forest

Scene 2 -  Steps on snow 

Scene 4 - Walking/ legs, then Woodman from right side

As I written on my goals as much as support gathered, quality, lead time and numbers of projects will be increased. Please, be informed that your support are highly valuable.