Dragon Age Origins - Let's Play for Dummies - 00052 - Redcliffe Village & Quests
Somehow, Dragon Age Origins is a game I never understood or developed any ability with.  I suspect it's because the game is a cross between classic, turn-based CRPGs and modern MMORPGs.  After years of failing at the game, Shannen is going to guide me through.  She's an expert at Dragon Age, to the point of self-identifying as a Grey Warden.

Videos 1 - 8 are her getting me out of the tutorial/introduction area.  Videos 9 -12 are me running around Ostegar setting up quests and learning things.  13 - 17 are the Korcari Wilds.  18 - 21 are The Tower of Ishal.  22 - 24 are the road to and looting of Lothering, and a lot of conversation.  25 - 28 are the Lothering quests and information gathering. 29 and 30 finish Lothering, visit "Camp" for the first "official" time, and start "The Stone Prisoner" DLC.  31 - 34 are "The Stone Prisoner" DLC.

In videos 35 - 36 we get that one trapmaking quest in Lothering that we skipped earlier, then head to Denerim and gather all of the quests in the first area, and get a start on a couple of Denerim quests...like starting out on our quest for the Lost Grail, errr, Sacred Urn.

Videos 37 - 41 Soldiers Peak DLC

Videos 42 - 46 Denerim Marketplace Quests

Videos 47 - 50  Starting Lake Calenhad to reaching Redcliffe

Videos 51 - 58 Redcliffe Village Quests, The Battle of Redcliffe, and associated quests.

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