Dragon Legends: Introduction
While my book is still in progress, I'm happy to show you guys some of my work of what I've done for this!  This will be the first book of Dragon Legends

Many years ago…

A little girl sits up to hear screaming. She looks around. She cannot find her siblings anywhere. She stands up, and walks outside of the house. People are running around and screaming. Children are crying. She notices people are pointing north, towards Dragon Mountain. She then notices a bright light. Spinning around, she sees fire on top of Dragon Mountain.

People are screaming loudly. Someone hits the girl and she feels the cold icy mud on her face. Looking up, she sees a tall man glaring at her. She looks over to see her mother, little brother and sisters on their knees and looking ahead. People are screaming to kill them. Others are not sure what to do before someone yells to burn down their home.

Before the girl can even speak, she sees the house burst into flames. She watches the house collapse. She looks at the people, who cheer, and whoop. They start taking things from her mother. They kick her and beat her. The girl tries to help, but a man smacks her in her face. “Blame your father for this!” he yelled, spitting on her face, “He is the one who got the Fire Dragon angry!”