Dragon Quest 8 - Let's Play 00027 - Ascantha
Shannen starts an epic attempt to get 100% completion in the epic Dragon Quest VIII.

Unfortunately, this game is so EPIC, in the first 45 minutes we still don't even know what we're doing!

Videos 3 - 5:  Grinding.  Otherwise known as "walking from point a to point b" in this game.  And we get started with the Kalderasha quest.

Videos 6 - 9:  Finishing Farebury and the Waterfall Cave

Video 10 - 14:  Alexandria & Jessica

Videos 15 - 17:  Port Prospect, Sea Monster, and Peregrine Quay

Videos 18 - 19:  Area around Peregrine Quay

Video 20:  Simpleton

Video 21:  Maella Abbey

Video 22:  The Ruined Abbey

Video 23:  Maella Abbey 02

Video 24: Road from Maella Abbey to Riverside Chapel

Video 25: Riverside Chapel to Ascantha

Video 26: Working out of Ascantha, Shan finishes finding all of the treasure chests in the area before tackling the storyline in Ascantha.

Video 27: Time to address the storyline for Ascantha.  The king has been in mourning for years over the death of his beautiful and vivacious wife.  He wishes he could see her just one more time.  People in the region keep dropping hints about a nearby mountain called Wisher's Peak; at the top of which, at night, ANY wish can be made to come true...but it's far too hard to find the right mountain and go up at night.  (It's right there, outside of town.  A woman at Riverside Chapel can even tell you exactly how to go up.)