Dragonet-the final design
After sketching and capturing some images in my head, I had finalized the adult Dragonet design, but had no luck with the young Dragonet, whatever I tried didn't seem right or capture the scant image of her I had in my mind.

I finally used a sketch from another comic (top right) that was the only sketch that came anywhere close to what I had in mind for Dragonet. It worked, and I could finally rough out final models to put in the first rough pages (the bottom two rows). 

A final version of the adult Dragonet  can be seen here, based on the (first) sketch I made above. A color version will be available in the next post.

So all the different character designs seemed to fall into place and I prepared to do a lot of research before launching Dragonet the webcomic  in mid 2010. I had worked on three webcomics previously and wanted to have as much concrete notes and preparation as possible.

More importantly, I wanted a very large buffer of finished pages ready to go on the web before the official launch. But that was not to be.

Next time: careful plans and mad dashes. 

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