Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy Set(****)
I received a review copy of this book, including an accompanying taco-eating red plush dragon, directly from the publisher. Someone knows my family pretty well, because we love dragons and we love tacos!

My daughter is a big fan of plush critters and I can determine how popular a plush is by whether or not she uses it as a her snuggle-buddy when she goes to sleep. The accompanying Taco Dragon (that's what we call him, I have no idea what his name is) has a taco permanently attached to his claw, some spiky black horns, and is basically not something you'd want to snuggle with unless you relish getting accidentally stabbed in the eye.

The book reminds me of Bad Kitty, in that it frequently addresses the reader to discuss why you shouldn't give dragons anything spicy to eat. This is an existential dilemma when it comes to tacos, as you might imagine, since tacos can be spicy. The book exhorts the reader at considerable length to never, EVER give dragons anything spicy, even though they do love tacos. I've been there dragons, I've been there.

Of course -- SPOILER ALERT! -- someone doesn't read the fine print on the jar and something terrible happens. Given that this involves dragons and not kittens, you can probably guess what that is. My son has a milk and egg allergy, so this can just as easily be interpreted as an allegory for kids with allergies. Or it could just be about tacos. Mmm, tacos...

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