I took my grief to paper today, drafting a blog post about my father.  I suddenly wanted it to post tomorrow, because I remembered that among all the wonderful things he said over the years was one quip about Groundhog Day that I have oft repeated.  Still, writing it brought rare tears to my eyes.  Then I realized that my brother had sent me a Facebook message asking me to contact him, and had not responded to my reply (he doesn't use Facebook, I don't really use phones or e-mail), so I found the emergency phone and called him, and talked for a bit.  I am hoping he will send me some photos from which I can choose one of our father to post to the article.  I have been poking at the response to comments on the X-Files sexism piece, but it's going to be delayed at least another day.

I have kept up the posting of the novel with Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 79, Slade 26, in which Bob begins his raid on the space station.