Drake & Triimz.xyz under attack by Griimz.xyz counterfeit
Beware of the grim, grimey "truths" presented by Patrick

(or Peter, Paul or Dick Grimes).

They are dilutions and distractions 

of true serious activist rhyming actions.

PAY attention as this drama unfolds.

Vote with your DOLLARS.

If someone offers you marketing solutions where you must first PAY. TRY ON some basic friendly greetings and comments first. I've tried this one myself and it really seems to work. If it feels like work, then maybe you don't know your worth. If you are a starving artist, be sure to fill up with love first. Then you won't say "hello, help I'm hungry", flip the situation to reverse!

Automagic solutions only work for cyborgs.

Want to know how I make magic? …then just follow mywords.


Questionable Patreon Creators in question: