Draugen - Ruth Free Cross Stitch pattern

Helloooo folks. Got a freebie pattern for you this week, so feel free to share with anyone you think will enjoy it.

A few weeks ago, I was given a press key for the game Draugen, which I then played on stream. It's a gorgeous and atmospheric mystery set in 1920s Norway, and I absolutely fell in love. You should definitely check it out.

Imagine my surprise when there were not one, but several examples of cross stitch in-game! You rarely see handmade crafts represented in games! Naturally I had to attempt to recreate one myself. ;)

The struggle was getting a good screenshot. It's a game asset. It's not exactly designed for intense scrutiny. The first shot I got was too dark. It was night time out and it was the first chance I got to explore the upstairs, and was simply excited.
The darkness does help contrast the edges and differentiate colors, though.

I went back a second time and zoomed in under better lighting, and then in a photo editing program turned up the brightness even more.  Now, I chose to base most of my colors off this shot, even though in-game they look a lot more faded. It makes sense- it's been hanging on that door for who knows how many years, slowly being bleached by the sunlight streaming through the nearby window! 

I wanted a pristine, freshly stitched version so I chose bright and lively colors. I'm no historian so I don't know what colors would've been available in the 20s, but y'know. 

if you squint real hard you'll notice there are actually some 1/4 and 3/4 stitches in there, but I decided to leave them out. The source is a bit too blurry to really tell which ones are and which ones just look like quarter stitches due to blending in with the background.

I also noticed it was stitched over two on linen, so I did the same. I found a nice 'oatmeal' 28 count linen complete with a bit of speckle to represent what would've been hand woven fabric.

And here we are! It's not very large, mind you.  Finished stitch is about 4"x3".
I have NO idea where I will find that perfect 4x6 oval wooden frame to finish the recreation, but that's a tale for another day, I suppose.

In the meantime, I've put together the pattern and colors that I used in case any of you would like to stitch it yourself.

If you don't know anyone named Ruth, you can leave that out or use this similar alphabet I found online. It's still a lovely floral piece that most people will never realize is actually a sneaky game reference. ;)

It'd make a lovely cheeky gift for mom or grandma who may have taught you to cross stitch but like to tease you about making nothing but nerdy designs. Ha! It'll be our little secret.

See you next week. <3

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