Drawing Balloons
Last weekend I went to a local hot air balloon launch and brought along some colored pencils and a sketchbook. I liked the visual of the multicolored balloons inflating and lifting off so much that I decided to turn it into a comic. 

I have a hazy memory of going up in a hot air balloon as a young child. The most memorable part was being doused with champagne afterward. Apparently, baptism by sparkling white wine is a tradition for first-time balloonists.

Above is a slightly different version of my comic "Lightness" - I made a few changes in wording after getting notes from my de facto editor (my twin brother Gavin). On the posted comic the colors are more saturated and higher in contrast, though I still can't decide which color scheme is better.

"Lightness" arose almost completely from my on-site sketchbook drawings - a rarity for Incidental Comics.  I love the immediacy of sketchbook pages. Immediacy was especially important for sketching balloons. I was expecting a slow, relaxed drawing process, but the balloons were aloft within minutes. I must have looked frantic juggling colors and balancing my sketchpad on my leg. 

I also found this great video of the launch by Dakota Miller on Vimeo. I'm the slouching, backpacked man in red walking across the frame at 00:12. My summer goal is to have more successful sketch excursions like this one!

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