Drawing - February 5th, 2018
I will preface this by saying I'm not going to post one of these EVERY day... But I am enjoying drawing and sharing them. I'm pushing on through the Kawaii Doodle Class book, trying a little bit of everything and figuring out what feels right and what feels like awkward. What's really clear (and obvious when you think about it) is the more familiar I am with a subject the easier it is to draw it well. You can see it clearly in today's cartoons - the coffee too nothing to draw, nor did the cheese or the twin pop... But the sushi looks awkward and weird, as does the onigiri (top right) and the loaf of bread. There's clearly an aspect of being so familiar with some shapes you don't have to overthink anything, but when there's less certainty and you're following the book more, the squiggly lines and misshapen perspective starts to creep in. I'll keep trying different samples out and sharing them here, and then I'll almost certainly come back to the favorites (like the mason jar with the strawberries) to practice, refine, and then experiment with changing aspects of them!