Drawing a Game Character
A small, simple character is best for placing into a game for the player to control! 🌟 Those tiny limbs and big, expressive face are perfect for animating different actions and showing a range of emotions!

When I am working in Game Maker, I often open up their in-software drawing tool to quickly doodle roughly what I want a character to look like  (player-characters and NPCs alike) .  I vaguely know what dimensions I need them to be ahead of time.

Lots of times, the art stays in that silly, scribbly form on the far left for a good amount of work that I put into the game! 😱  Don't be surprised to see lots of characters that look like that when I upload screenshots~ ✨

Once I'm fairly certain what I want the character to look like, I open up my art software of choice, Paint Tool SAI (and actually, I recently upgraded to SAI 2), and draw the character much more cleanly, as in the middle image.

Then, it's time for colors and finishing up the image, as on the far right!  This is the final thing I will do when creating art for a character.  I test with the middle image for a fair amount of time, doing all of their animations without color and seeing how they look in gameplay.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

🌱 These are the extremely simplified basics of the process of drawing the cute little characters that populate my games!  They walk and talk and will express increasing levels of friendships with you as you play. 💗

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