Drawing is my Life :)
Hi Everyone! <3

Nice to see you on my Patreon Page *o*

Drawing is my life!

I wish I could (somewhereee in the future) earn enough money to live from the thing which means the world to me! :D

Now the time has come and I decided to start working on my very first

Manga (Fantasy) Project, wich should get some parts and is such an important thing

to me!

So I've made this account to get a chance to find people who will love my

Story and my Art and just want to support me a little bit! <3

I will post Characterdesigns, Details and some Illustration (and their WIPs) here. :3

I also plan to give you background informations about my Characters and story and maybe I find a few other exclusive things just for you *-*

If you like my work, and love to support me, please become my patron by clicking the red "Become a Patreon" button  :))


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maijano/

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