Drawing - March 16, 2018
It's been a few weeks since I drew, and to be honest it's felt like I've been going off the rails a bit at the same time. With a sudden rush of media and speaking events, I dialled back my fitness considerably to not be so exhausted all the time... And instead I seemed to have fallen out from MANY of the good habits I'd worked to develop. 

Drawing has obviously fallen by the way side (this is the first work I've done in 2 weeks) but at the same time I've been spending more time answering emails and social media than I like, and less time reading and writing than I'd committed myself too. 

With my trip to the US kicking off on Sunday, it would be so easy to just let it all go and "pick things up when I get back"... But I've recognised that I now is when I need to lift my game more than ever. While I won't take my How-to Kawaii book with me, I WILL be taking my drawing pad to keep practicing what I've already learned. I'm going to be posting MY stuff to social media, but I'm sick of the endless scrolling and sharing other people's stuff so that's stopping. I'm also sick of being on call by both phone and email, so a few weeks in the US - where I can only be reached when I connect to wifi - will be wonderful. 

With all this in mind, its nice to see that conviction coming through in my drawing here. I'm sitting at all burrito place having just had dinner, nowhere to rush to or anyone I have to get back to, and I've been drawing some adorable little monsters. 

Without any pressure to "get it done" I can genuinely ease into the flow of drawing, breathe and relax when I sense my hand tightening up. It's great - it's what this should be. I've been thinking a lot about how I "should" start meditating again, but this reminds me why I started drawing instead. 

These doodles aren't objectively better than any others, but they FEEL better, and if you're truly just breathing and flowing with the pen then you may as well be sitting deep in meditation... only you don't get a cute little horned monster drawing at the end of an hour of sitting still!