Drawing & painting to honour nature
The works in the image are not brandnew, however they do represent what I'm currently working on - a large-scale watercolour and ink landscape that honours nature, biodiversity and ecology. 

So many of us allow ourselves to stay stuck between 4 walls every day. We don't make time, and don't make the effort, to get to the closest beach, the park, lookout point, or hiking trail.  Which makes us more and more disconnected to our own nature as part of the Earth - we forget that we are of the soil, made of the same atoms that flows through the ocean, the tree's roots and the other animals. We forget that our food, our nutrition, comes from the land, from the ocean, from the soil itself. 

My art seeks to link us to the land again - serving as an invite to you. To explore outside again. To find your connection to the trees, the ocean and the sand.